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4 reasons to watch Suicide Squad

10 setembro 2016

Last month I went to the movies to watch Suicide Squad, the film about the villains from the DC Comic’s universe. In the movie, they are called by the American government to make a squad together. The goal is to protect the country from some threat, like an “evil Superman”. Despite all criticism, I liked the movie. There are just some things I didn’t love, like the strange reason to make a squad or the romanticizing of the couple Joker and Harley Quinn. For those who haven’t seen, I‘ll give four reasons to go to the movies check it out: 

1. Harley Quinn is very charismatic 

Harley Quinn is Joker’s partner and is played by Margot Robbie (love her!). Besides the distortion of the character and her outfit, she is the best person in the Suicide Squad. She knows how to be bad, but also how to make friends in prison, like Deadshot, played by Will Smith. Harley is also responsible for the comic tone in the movie. It’s impossible not to like her and even hope she finds Joker at the end. 

2. The soundtrack  

The film was even criticized for giving too much emphasis to the soundtrack and trying to be a new version of Guardians of the Galaxy, (a Marvel movie), but the chosen songs are very good. There is a playlist of the movie on Spotify, just look for Suicide Squad! Among the songs featured in the film, are Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes, Bohemian Rapsody Queen, Without Me by Eminem and Sucker for Pain by Lil Wayne.  

3. Other DC’s characters appears 

There is a relationship of this movie with others from DC Comics, as Batman Vs. Superman. The Suicide Squad story is after the "death" of Superman and, besides Batman, Flash also appears (briefly) in the film. One of these characters appears in the post credits scene, stay tuned!  

4. The film introduces all villains  

At the beginning of Suicide Squad is told the story of all members, so you don’t need to have read the comics or even keep up with the DC stories to see the movie. Everyone can understand the story; it does not have as many external references.

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