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Movie: The Legend of Tarzan

03 setembro 2016

Early this week I watched The Legend of Tarzan, starred by Alexander Skarsgard and Margot Robbie. The story takes place in the 1930s, and Tarzan is older, living in London as a lord. Tarzan and Jane are used to the life among human, but they have to go back do Africa, sent by the British government. What Tarzan (or John, his name now), doesn’t know is that the trip to Africa is trap, set by Captain Rom, who wants African diamonds. A native African will give his diamonds to the Captain, if he can get his revenge for Tarzan killing his son.

The movie toggles between present and past, so a lot of things you won’t get at first, especially if you don’t remember the original story. The life of Tarzan in the jungle is told, since his childhood, using flashbacks. Every place the character visits in Congo active memories from his boyhood. The Legend of Tarzan is not a faithful adaptation of the original story, like it was in Mogli or Cinderella. It’s some other story, with an older Tarzan, finding his friends and family in the jungle.

The movie has a lot of action, because Tarzan will have to save Jane from the government traps and deal with jungle creatures to survive. The agitated life in the jungle is only interrupted by the cute moments of the couple Tarzan and Jane. Margot Robbie is wonderful as Jane, she’s not a helpless woman, but fights for his husband and to free the African people from slavery. The ones who like the original story can expect almost everything the way it was, even the famous Tarzan’s shout.

I could watch the movie 2D and but I believe 3D is not really necessary. What I didn’t like about the movie is that it is very artificial; both in the visual effects as in Tarzan’s unnatural strength, he can fight any jungle creature. Also I didn’t like the fact that it has to be a white and rich man to free Africans from slavery, as if they would never be able to do anything for themselves. But I recommend the movie for the ones who like action movies or like the character Tarzan. It is a good movie if you are looking for pure entertainment.

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